The University of Texas at Dallas


Living on or near UT Dallas offers students the chance to engage with campus activities while residing within walking distance to classes.

On Campus Housing

Many students choose to live on campus because of the convenience, security and amenities. There are three options if you choose to live on campus:

For more information about living on campus visit the University Housing webpage.

Off Campus Housing

Comet Cruisers are local buses that connect UT Dallas to multiple local housing communities. There are several Comet Cruiser routes: Route 883 East, Route 883 West, McCallum Express and Cityline/Bush Express. Many students search for accommodations along these routes, because it allows easy access to campus. In addition, students can travel to and from campus via regular Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) bus routes. Learn more about local transportation options on the on the Parking and Transportation website.

There are a variety of other housing options close to UT Dallas, but it is important to consider proximity to campus and your transportation options. To learn more about methods for selecting an apartment and the leasing procedures in Texas, watch our housing video on Youtube and Youku.

Road Warriors is a UTD program that offers resources and support to students who live off campus. Visit their webpage to find events, tips for living off campus and to request more information.

Temporary Housing

Some student organizations provide temporary housing and airport pick-ups for new students. The following international student organizations have assisted new students with these services in the past:

*Most student organizations will be unable to provide temporary accommodations for spring 2021 due to COVID-19

See a list of hotels and residence suites near UT Dallas.

Crime Prevention and Safety Resources

The UT Dallas Police Department provides a variety of on campus crime prevention services, including home security surveys and safety escorts. Additional information and personal safety tips can be found through the Richardson Police Department and the Dallas Police Department. Learn about preventing home burglaries in apartment residences.